Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I want to stop arguing with my mom"

Dear Carol,
Lately it seems like all my mother and I do is argue. I hate it. I always thought I would never fight with my mom. My sister said it is because I'm a teenager and developing my own personality. I just want the arguing to stop.
–Mom Troubles

Dear Mom Troubles,
It's natural to disagree with your mom and normal to feel annoyed at times, but try to draw the line at being rude. Next time you're tempted to shout, "You don't get it!" or worse, instead lower your voice and say, "I see what you're saying, but I think..." And be sure to occassionally say "You're right" or "I agree" or "I love you" or "That's true" or "Thanks" or even "Let's bake some cookies." You also can tell her directly in a note that you wish you two weren't fighting so much. No doubt she feels the same way.

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by Dear Carol | 10/9/2018
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