Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I kissed my BFF's brother by accident"

Dear Carol,
I did something really dumb. I was playing Truth or Dare and I kissed my BFF's brother. I didn't want to keep it from her so I told her. At first she was OK with it, but then she got so mad at me. I wrote her a 'sorry' note. Everyone else seems to laugh about it and not think of it as a big deal, even me, her brother, their parents and my parents. But she is still mad at me.
—Kissed BFF's Bro

Dear Kissed BFF's Bro,
You confessed and apologized, and my hope is that it will pass. But take care of your close friendships. I'm not surprised that your BFF feels confused or left out, and it's probably not helping that everyone is insisting that what's a big deal to her is "no big deal." Keep talking to your friend about other subjects and this kiss should soon become old news. 

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by Carol Weston | 4/9/2019
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