Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I love my grandma, but she can be difficult"

Dear Carol,
My grandma moved in with us, and I had to give her my room and move to the basement. I love my grandma, but I don't really like her right now. She’s always sad and acts like she’s lost. I’m not talkative, so our conversations last about five seconds. I had a dream about her falling down the stairs. My mom says I’m too negative, but I can’t help it. I kinda hate myself now.

Dear Negative,
Don’t hate yourself. It is natural to feel less than pleased about giving up your room. Accept your mixed feelings. Can you say, “Mom, I respect you for inviting Grandma to live with us, but I wish you’d acknowledge that it’s a bit difficult”? A silver lining: Summer is the season for sleeping over at friends’ homes.

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by Maggie Medoff | 3/6/2019