Dear Carol

"I'm the new kid at school--help!"

Dear Carol,

My family just moved and I’m going to a new school. People liked me at my old school, but I don’t know anyone here. I don’t know how to act.

-New in Town

Dear New in Town,

You don’t have to act. The qualities your old friends admired are still yours. Just be yourself—your friendly, interesting self. It’s a challenge to be the new girl, but it’s also an opportunity. Sign up for after school activities. Introduce yourself, smile a lot, and I promise you’ll find new friends. Keep old friends, too, by phoning, texting and sending e-mails and photos. One tip: Don’t talk non-stop with the new kids about how great your old school was, and don’t make your old friends jealous by gushing about how much you adore your new friends.

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by GL | 9/14/2018