All About You

The *perfect* sweet for your sign

See what you should be munching on this Halloween!

Aries: Smarties
Aries are confident, so what better way to show that you know just how smart you are than by eating the candy that confirms it?!

Taurus: M&Ms 
Taurus signs are reliable–you're the friend who always remembers your girls' birthdays. M&Ms are the *classic* Halloween candy, providing some stability in your candy basket. 

Gemini: Sour Patch Kids
Geminis have a sour and sweet side to them, just like Sour Patch Kids!

Cancer: Candy Corn 
Candy corns are sweet, classic and lovable. Sounds a lot like some Cancers I know! 


Leo: Caramel Apples
Leos thrive in the center of attention and have a sense of confidence that few possess. Just like a caramel apple, you don't mind standing out in the crowd!

Virgo: Reese’s
Virgos are known for their organizational skills—odds are you have the most organized planner in class! Reese’s are simple and straight-forward but always get the job done by satisfying your sweet tooth.

Libra: Jelly Beans
Libras love harmony and making friends with different types of people. Just like all the different flavors of a jelly bean bag, you love mixing with people of all different interests. 

Scorpio: Lollipops
Scorpios are focused, so while others might not have the patience to finish a lollipop, you can do it, no problem. 

Sagittarius: Starburst 
Our Sagittarius friends always leave us feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world—just like multi-colored Starbursts!

Capricorn: Kit Kats
Just like Kit Kats, Capricorns are *pros* in balance and consistency.

Aquarius: Milky Way
Aquarians are dreamers, so some days your head may be way up in the clouds—that's why this out-of-this-world candy bar is so perf for you!

Pisces: Swedish Fish
Swedish fish are creative and fun, just like you, Pisces!

What's your favorite candy?


by Jewels Tauzin | 10/18/2019