6 easy ways to stay healthy and active this summer

Now that school is officially out for summer, it's time to relax and take advantage of your newfound free time. Even though it is *super* tempting to ditch your school-year routine and chill all summer long, it's still incredibly important to take care of your body during summer break. Staying in shape doesn't have to be boring, and can actually even be fun. Check out these fun and easy wellness tips for some new ways to feel your best this summer.


Ride your bike

Biking is a great form of exercise (and a really fun one, too!) Next time your going to your BFFs house, try biking instead of driving there. If you're looking for a new bonding activity with your friends or family, find scenic trails and paths to explore. If you don't have your driverse license, biking is also a *great* way to be more independent this summer—just imagine not having to ask your parents for rides all summer long! Before you know it, you will be biking everywhere and getting good exercise while you're at it.


Get outside more

Another fun activity is hiking and exploring with friends. Pack lunches, grab your besties and take a day-trip to a nearby trail. Don't have anywhere to hike nearby? Find a scenic park and take a long walk. Exploring nature is so rewarding both for the views *and* the health benefits. 


Go swimming

When you're by the water, there are plenty of ways to nourish your mind and body. Whether it's in a lake, pool or at the beach, swimming is always a blast. Swimming is a great form of cardio and keeps you active—and it's so fun that you don't even realize it's exercise! 

Wear sunscreen

Fun fact: you shouldn't only wear sunscreen if you're at the beach or pool. You should wear sunscreen every time your body is exposed to the sun. Protecting your skin is SO important. Choose a moisturizer with SPF in it to use in your morning skincare routine to make sure you are protecting yourself every time you go outside. Our personal fave? The CeraVe Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30.

Keep a good sleep schedule.

Keeping a good sleep schedule is crucial for your health. Growing teens need 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Remind yourself that sleep is sooo important to keep you energized and happy throughout the day. Our recommendation for the perf summer sleep schedule? Don't go to bed too late and try to wake up early so that you can get outside before it gets too hot. 


Experiment with healthy recipes

Making new foods is so much fun! For a yummy (and healthy) summer snack that is easy to make, try smoothies. Smoothies are super yummy and can also be packed with the nutrients you need. Try using different fruit combinations with juice or milk. Happy cooking!

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Slider image: @lilychee on Instagram


by Grace Gamper | 6/26/2021