Eat Right

Healthy Snacking

I’m a total snacker. I eat when I’m bored, I munch during movies, I even have to eat while I read or FB my friends. Also, I’m one of those chompers who can only bite down on convenient snacks that are easy to make. Let’s face it, I’d love to whip up a low-cal delish treat, but when I’m craving I have zilch patience to put something together.


That’s why when I’m on the hunt at my local grocery, I try to stock up my fridge, cabinets and shelves with easy, healthy eats so I don’t overload myself on junk. Here are a few of my fave nibblers!


When I want something sweet:


Dried or Frozen Fruit

I love dried mangos. Just zip ‘em up in a plastic baggie and their ready to eat when and wherever!
My choice for frozen? Bananas! All ya have to do is throw ‘em in the freezer—no peeling necessary—and when you’re hankering for some sweets you’ve got a yummy banana popsicle that won’t melt into an oozing mess.


When I want something salty:



Sprinkle a bit of salt on top and voila! you’ve got yourself an instant snack. Check out our Edamame recipe for cooking up these little guys.


Chunks o’ Cheese

Tons of diff cheeses come individually wrapped or in small cubes so that you can pop ‘em in your mouth one slice at a time. Cheese is really filling, so you’ll nix your need to munch in a flash. Eat ‘em with crackers, or if you’re like me, totally solo.


Blog it out… What are some of your junkfood alternatives? Do you snack between meals?


by GL | 2/1/2016