Eat Right

ED BLOG: Fave Fall Foods

It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer but I’m super-psyched that fall’s finally here. The weather is perfect for running, and the farmer’s market is stacked with apples. Does everyone love these autumn crunchers as much as I do?
Here are my fave ways to munch ’em at every meal...

At breakfast:
They’re awesome diced up and thrown on top of oatmeal (made with milk, natch). Add walnuts, cinnamon and a dash of brown sugar. YUM.

With lunch:
Apple slices! Love ‘em with peanut butter. Or try this sweet salad for a delish dessert.

For din:
Swap out the pears in this Brie and Pear sammie and add slices of Granny Smiths. Crispy and way hearty. Perfect with a cup of squash soup.

And even though I’m all about the healthy stuff, it doesn’t feel like fall without baking one apple pie. I gave mine to a few friends, ‘cause they’re such sweeties!

Blog it out... Well, sweeties, what’s your fave fall snack? Share your awesome autumn treats with the other G-Life girlies!


by Katie A. | 2/1/2016