Survey Says

Survey Says? A Quiz for Anyone


Beach or Pool? Beach
Flip-flops or Sneakers? Flip-flop
Capris or Shorts? Shorts
Bikini or One-Piece? Bikini
Hot or Warm Weather? Hot
Mosquitoes or Bees? Bees
Ice Cream Man or Ice Cream Store? Ice-cream store
Shopping or Tanning? Tanning
Lemonade or Water? Water
Do you go to a summer camp? Yes, I go to a Girl's Rock 'n' Roll Camp
How often do you go on vacation? A lot
Do you like the hot weather? Yes
What are your fave activities 4 summer? Swim, rock 'n' roll camp, hang w/ BF
Fave pool games? None, I'd rather relax on an inflatable recliner
What month do you think is a sign of summer? June, it gets hot

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7/2/2008 12:00:00 AM