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The top 3 reasons to wear sunscreen *every* day


Lathering on sunscreen is more important than you think, and it's not *just* for summer. The sun's UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin all year, whether or not you're feeling the summer heat. In fact, your skin can face more damage in the winter if you're not using sun protection. Here are some of the major benefits of using sunblock every single day.

Sunscreen can slow the process of aging.
Radiation from the sun's rays can cause something called photoaging. UVA rays from the sun can damage your skin, causing wrinkles and dark spots. This is because UVA rays penetrate into your dermis (the layer of tissue that forms the skin) and increase the amount of abnormal elastin in your skin's collagen fibers. Since collagen is the main structural protein in skin, damage to collagen is the main cause of premature aging.

Sunscreen decreases your risk of developing skin cancer.
UVA and UVB rays damage the skin through ultraviolet radiation, which is one of the main causes of skin cancer. Sunscreen prevents skin from reddening or burning based on how much SPF it contains. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and the amount represents the sunscreen's ability to prevent damage. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the amount of SPF determines how long your skin will be protected.

Your skin will be healthier.
There's nothing more satisfying than healthy, glowing skin and sunscreen is an *essential* part of that equation. As mentioned before, skin proteins like collagen, elastin and keratin are protected by sunscreen. These proteins are what keep your skin looking smooth and healthy, so protecting them is important to the overall health of your skin. Using a sunblock with titanium oxide is important for these proteins as well. 

And if you still end up getting burned even if you put on sunscreen, follow this guide to using sunscreen effectively.

How often do you use sunscreen? Are you going to start using it year-round? Let us know what your favorite suncare products are in the comments! 

Photo credit: Daily Mail.

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by Julia Bonney | 3/18/2017