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How to kick that your horrible nail biting habit for good

Biting your nails isn’t something that you can stop cold turkey...although we do wish it was that easy! The first step is deciding that you want to kick the nasty habit, which is always the hardest step to take. If you're ready to wave goodbye to yucky nails and bring on the mani you've always dreamed of, follow the steps below to get those paws ready by homecoming! 

Do: Keep your mouth and hands busy

Anxiety is the leading cause behind nail biting, so always have gum or a stress ball nearby. If you get the urge to bite throwing a piece of your fave gum stick in your mouth and find ways to use your hands like doing a craft with your besties.

Don’t: Get down on yourself

Don’t get discouraged if you go a week without touching them and then by the end of your math test your pretty nails are gone. Keep on trying and making a conscious effort to not bite -- your nails will be as good as new in no time, promise!  

Do: Cover them up

Whether that means putting bright polish on your nails as a reminder or dipping your fingers in nail polish remover, find a way to give yourself a red flag to stop.

Don’t: Do it alone

Tell your BFF that you want to stop biting your nails and ask for help! If she see’s you biting, have her remind you of your goal. When you have someone calling you out on your habit, it'll be easier to remember how bad you want to have salon-ready nails.

Do: Reward yourself

It’s been two weeks since you last bit your nails and they are the longest they’ve ever been...time celebrate (woop woop!). Go to the salon and get that nail design that everyone has been going gaga over. And now that you finally have nails that are long enough, you gotta post a pic on Insta!

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016