Shake up your workout with a...skateboard?

Mint longboard, $160, 

Right now is the PERFECT time for outdoor workouts—you're not sweating like crazy from summer heat, but it's not snowing yet, either. If you want to take your routine outside (but don't want to run another lap around the neighborhood, grab a skateboard from the garage (or get one HERE) and get ready for a serious sweat wheelies required.

What you need:

Yoga mat


Skateboard plank

Why it's awesome: You'll need your abs to help keep you balanced, so your tummy muscles will work overtime.

1. Put your yoga mat in front of the skateboard. Your board should be facing vertically, so the front end is behind your feet.

2. Put your forearms on the yoga mat in traditional plank position and your feet in the middle of the skateboard, staying as balanced as possible.

3. Pull your feet to your stomach and chest, and release.  

Skateboard push-ups 

Why they're awesome: The board helps keep your form solid and the added height allows you to do the moves more precisely.

1. Align your skateboard in front of your yoga mat horizontally (so parallel to the mat).

2. Put both of your hands on each side of the skateboard so that the board is under your shoulders and your head extends past the board.

3. With your knees on the mat, start to do push ups, inhaling down and exhaling up. (Note: If you're *really* strong, try these on your toes.)

Skateboard squat 

Why it's awesome: This allows you to train each of your legs individually while still maintaining your balance.

1. Put one foot vertically on the skateboard, and the other foot on the ground beside it. 

2. With about 20% of your weight pressing onto the skateboard and the rest on the ground, start to bend your knees and squat. Make sure your knees don't come forward past your toes!

3. Switch legs and repeat.

Note: DON'T try to do a full squat on the board. That's dangerous, darling!

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Would you try a skateboard workout? What's the weirdest workout you've ever done? Let us know below!  


by Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson | 2/1/2016