Question: Is binge-watching bad for you?

When that brand new show you've been waiting for finally comes out online, all you can think about is watching it. The fact that it's summer time makes it even more tempting to stay in bed all day and finish that season no matter how long it takes. While we all love a good Netflix-and-chill sesh, binge-watching a show can actually do more harm than good if you're not careful...

Sitting/ laying down for too long is bad for your health. 
If you're literally doing nothing, then you are slowing down your metabolism by not using any major muscles. Plus, your eyes will get strained from staring at the screen too long which can lead to a headache or permanent eye damage. Take a break from the screen and get your body moving in between eps.

It will be harder to fall asleep.
Binge-watching can mess up your sleeping pattern if you're staying up until the wee hours of the night. It's hard taking a break from the show when it's getting good, but it's even more important to get your beauty sleep for the next day. Watching TV or Netflix before bed can also disrupt your sleep in general because the light from the screen messes with your bod's signals that tell you to snooze.

It could turn into an addiction.
TBH, it's already an addiction if you can't get yourself to do anything but watch your show! This can be dangerous if you have other priorities to fulfill but end up not doing them because of your PLL marathon. Plan some time in your day to meet all goals you've set for yourself so you can enjoy your show without feeling guilty.

You could become antisocial.
When you get to a great part of a show, it's hard to stop watching and you end up being on your bed for days trying to see the end of the season. Depending on the length of the show, this means you might neglect your friends and family. Sure, Riverdale is exciting and you might wish it was reality, but it's don't forget to live your *real* life.

It's not as fun. 
Ever wonder why you're always so interested to tune in the next week for a new episode of your fave show? It's because you're anticipating what's next and that makes every ep more exciting and satisfying. With binging, that prolonged curiosity is gone and takes away a lot of the fun. Not to mention after awhile, you become sort of numb to it all. 

Are you ever guilty of binge-watching? Tell us your fave shows below! 

by Timi Awoyinka | 6/15/2018
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