Eat Right

These are the healthy Halloween hacks you need

Halloween is here, and whether you're going out trick or treating or hitting up the big Halloween party, you're bound to wind up with a hefty stash of candy. To help you avoid an unfortunate trip to the dentist or a seriously upset stomach, here are some tips on healthier ways to enjoy your Halloween candy this year.

1. Pig out, but responsibly.
When you're faced with a mountain of candy, most people's first reaction would be to eat until you're in a sugar coma. Ignore those inner voices telling you to gorge yourself and try something a little different. It's a holiday, so by no means are we saying don't eat your fill of your hard-earned candy, but try picking out a set amount of your favorite pieces to eat on the first and second day. Maybe 10 pieces on the first day and 5 pieces on the second. This way you can enjoy a little more candy than usual and still feel good afterwards.

2. Organize your treats.
A candy haul can be overwhelming, so try flexing those organization skills. Go through your candy and pick which ones you definitely want to keep and which you know you're never going to eat (think those awful strawberry hard candies that only ever pop up at your grandmother's house). Dole them out into little plastic baggies of about five to seven pieces that you can take with you for lunch each day. As for the reject candy, try bringing it to school to see if any of your friends might want a piece or two before trashing it (waste not, want not!).

3. Don't forget to brush!
Nobody *really* enjoys a trip to the dentist. In order to avoid the horrors of cavities, fillings and other dental disasters make sure you're brushing frequently. Once in the morning, once after school and once before bed. If you're eating a lot of surgary sweets on the go, try investing in a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. You don't want that caramel from your lunchtime Snickers hiding in your teeth all day. A brush after lunch or in between classes will keep your breath fresh and save you the toothache later.

4. No candy for breakfast.
Having all this candy at your disposal can be tempting, but don't let it replace your healthy food. Try to avoid eating lots of sweets in the morning or in place of meals. Eating a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner with only a few pieces of candy in between will also help you avoid that pesky sugar rush and crash.

What's your favortie Halloween candy? Let us know in the comments. 

by Cydnii Jones | 10/30/2019