10 Instagram-worthy food trends you *have* to try

We've said it once and we'll say it again, #foodstagrams are one of the best parts of Instagram. And there's been no shortage of amazing-looking food trends being shared on the tag lately and we are here. for. it. Our mouths are already watering just looking at these pics...


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1. Rainbow Bagels 
These colorful bagels are the perfect thing to make your Monday morning a bit brighter. Swap out your plain bagels for this fun breakfast item and let the Instagramming begin! 

2. Stuffed Croissants 
As if regular croissants weren’t good enough, the newest trend filling your Instagram feed is stuffed croissants. These delectable pastries come in all different flavors, from birthday cake to lemon meringue. 

3. Extravagant Milkshakes 
Next time you’re craving a milkshake, don’t stop at just chocolate or vanilla. Go for a salted caramel apple shake or a birthday cake shake topped with a slice of actual vanilla cake. Now that’s the kind of milkshake I want!

4. Sprinkle-Filled Cake 
Sprinkles don't *only* belong on the outside of your cake. Now: Cut into a slice of vanilla heaven and see an explosion of color and sugar. Talk about a dream come true!


Poke Bowl by @hannekedk #pokebowl #foodporn

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5. Poke Bowls 
Poke is the perfect meal for our sushi-loving Instagrammers out there. Think of these bowls as the burrito bowls of Asian cuisine. What’s not to love?!

6. Charcoal Ice Cream 
Okay, it sounds a little weird right? This interesting icy treat surprised us when we first saw it, too, but it hasn’t stopped gaining popularity as one of the most instagrammable desserts. 


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7. Sushi-rritos 
Sushi + burrito = sushi-ritto. AKA: Two of our favorite foods combined into one. This delicious hybrid has been gracing our feeds recently, and we can't get enough.

8. Smoothie Bowls 
Healthy *and* beautiful? Yes, please! Smoothie bowls are the perfect way to cure your Instagram jealousy and make it feel like you’re on the beach. 

9. Mermaid Toast 
This pretty thing combines our mermaid obsession and the best meal of the day. Can it get any better than this? This creative toast makes us feel like artists before we even step out of our jammies. 

10. Geode Cookies 
These cookies are so pretty we aren’t sure if we’re supposed to put them on a necklace or eat them! The beautiful dessert comes in all shapes and colors, just like a real geode. 

Which insta food trend do you want to try? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/4/2018
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