Have you ever made a Grinch out of guacamole?

Realistic Looking Grinch Guacamole

When you’re considering what to cook for holiday parties, you probably stick with the usual stuff. Maybe you’ll make a warm dish of mashed potatoes or grab and go with a pie. While festive food is ah-mazing, there’s *always* something missing during the winter months. Guacamole. Sure, it’s kind of a cool, summer snack but who says you can’t savor it all winter long? Not us! Here are some festive and delish ways to add the dish to Christmas. 

Grinch Guacamole
Guests will go crazy for the mean man’s grin. Give him a hat and coat of sliced, red peppers or this spicy, cream cheese dip and use cut cauliflower as his suit’s fuzzy fur. *Obvi* grab a bag of chips on the side for extra dipping options. 

Tostito Wreath
Prepare the bites in advance so people can pull and go. Tostito scoops are a simple snack to make this happen. Place the chips in a circle, add your guac and top with tomatoes. Nobody will say no to this pretty presentation. 

Pita Tree
We’re so used to snacking on guac with veggies and chips that sometimes we forget about poor pita. Well, forget no further because these trees are taking over the party. Smother slices of pita with the dip and sprinkle chopped red pepper on top. #Yum! 

Fab Fruit
Guacamole doesn’t typically have a sweet-tart taste and winter isn’t really for fruity foods but we’re breaking barriers with this pomegranate twist. The portion of the fruit eaten is the seed or “arils” and it’s amazing. Pomegranate is wildly used in winter dishes and it’s perfect for your next party guac.

What's your favorite way to eat guac? Share below! 

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 12/19/2018