Win over your crush with these picnic date recipes

Picnics are the *ultimate* summertime dates—there's no better way to relax outdoors than with some good food and even better company. If you're looking for some delicious but easy recipes to try for your next outdoor adventure, try the ones below. Your sweetie is sure to be asking for seconds!

Southwestern grilled turkey and cheese sandwich
If you dig spicy food and want to upgrade your basic turkey-and-cheese, you will love these sandwiches complete with homemade chipotle mayo.

Pepperoni grilled cheese 
This sandwich is perfect for all the pepperoni pizza lovers. It's all your fave flavors between two slices of warm bread.

Picnic loaf 
The picnic loaf is basically a gigantic sandwich filled with anything you can think of. It's especially great for a double date if you're trying to feed more than just two.

Ham and cheese rollups 
Finger food is a must for a picnic (no need to lug around all the forks and knives) so this remix on the classic is an easy win.

Pasta salad in a jar
Pasta *and* salad. Need we say more?  You can get crafty with these and include toppings of your choice or even some of your bae's favorites.

Red velvet gooey butter cookies 
Skip the usual sugar cookies or even chocolate chip cookies and bake up these chewy bites for your next picnic. 

S'mores bars
There's no need for a campfire with these s'mores bars that will bring that outdoor camp vibe.

Summer sun tea 
These jars full of sweet tea and fruits will be your summer fave and can be customized to your liking.

Strawberry lemonade in mason jars 
You can never go wrong with lemonade on a hot day...but it's way better when it's in different colors and flavors.

Capri Sun bags
These copycat Capri Sun bags have changed the game for all drinks on-the-go. All you have to do is take a Ziploc bag and straw and fill it with your fave drink.

What is your favorite picnic food? Share below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest.

by Timi Awoyinka | 7/13/2017
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