Soak up the sun with these tropical drinks

Staying hydrated is *so* important, but water gets bland after a while. And hitting up your local smoothie joint or Starbucks will drain your wallet. Beat the heat (and pretend you're at the beach) with four tropical drink recipes that are crazy delicious and guaranteed to keep you cool.


Watermelon Lemonade

What you’ll need:

- Blender
- Strainer
- 8 oz lemonade
- 1 cup of diced watermelon 
- Lemon slice (optional)


1. Combine the lemonade and chunks of watermelon in a blender and blend on high for 45 seconds to one minute, or until completely smooth and liquefied.

2. Hold the strainer over the glass. Pour the drink through the strainer and serve with a lemon slice.


Sweet Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

What you’ll need:

- Blender
- Knife
- 3 large strawberries
- 1/4 cup sugar
- 1 tablespoon lemon juice
- 3/4 cup lemon-lime soda
- 1 cup of ice


1. Chop two of the strawberries into small pieces (this will help them blend faster).

2. Add the two chopped strawberries, sugar, lemon juice and lemon-lime soda together and blend until smooth.

3. Add in a few ice cubes at a time as you blend your drink together. Pour into a glass and serve with a strawberry garnish. 


Orange-Lime Refresher

What you’ll need:

- 8 oz orange juice
- 8 oz lemon-lime soda
- Lots of ice
- 2 oz grenadine (optional)


1. Pour the ice into your glass. Add in your lemon-lime soda. Make sure it stops bubbling before pouring the orange juice on top!

2. Optional: Mix in the grenadine to give your refresher an extra boost.

3. Stir your drink together so it’s all one tropical flavor. 


Creamy Dreamy Pina Colada

What you’ll need:

- Blender
- 4 oz cream of coconut
- 4 oz pineapple juice
- 2 cups of ice
- 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
- Whipped cream 


1. Pour cream of coconut and pineapple juice into the blender.

2. Add in the ice a few ice cubes at a time as you blend your drink together.

3. Scoop two scoops of vanilla ice cream into the blender. Blend on high for 1 minute, or until your drink is completely blended. 

4. Pour into a glass and serve it with as much whipped cream as you like.

Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Aly Prouty | 6/25/2017
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