Three Easy Holiday Cards

All photos by Jean Lee

Cards are just as important as gifts during the holiday season.
With everything from singing to 3D cards, you won’t need to worry about being creative…if you’re buying them.
Looking to craft up your own holiday cards this year? Are you a li'l stuck? Here are some super-cute and simple ideas to get ya going.
Eco Friendly, Envelope-Free Card
 Seasons greetings can go a long way, but the envelopes? Not so much. Why not save some trees (and your tongue) and go for a card that's also its own envelope, too?
What You'll Do:

1. Decorate one side of a paper any way you like it. Sparkles, designs, lines, sayings… let your creative juices flow!
2. Fold the paper in half (decorated side out) and open it back up.
3. Match the long edge to the crease you made in step one. Repeat with opposite side.
4. Repeat step three with the other long sides, making a square.
5. Open up everything you’ve folded, and add a thicker piece of paper that is the same size as the square made in step four (this square's where you write your message!)

6. After writing a li'l somethin', close the card up (steps one-four) and seal it with a ribbon or a sticker to keep it all in place. Voila!

Classic Card
 Sometimes, it’s best to keep it sweet and simple with your seasonal notes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun making them. Try making paper snowflakes designs to pretty-up any ol' greeter! It’s a favorite holiday activity that'll look fab on your special card.
What You'll Do:
1. Fold a card into any shape.
2. Make some snowflakes by folding a paper multiple times and cutting out pieces in a pattern (get funky with the design!)
3. Glue the snowflakes onto your card and add a cute little message for a chic and classic winter look.

Awesome Ornaments
Usually cards take a backseat to the bigger, better gifts that ya get under the tree. This year take a fun twist on tradition. Make an ornament-shaped card that has a little message for everyone and hang it on the boughs or deck the halls. Share the love!

What You'll Do:
1. Fold a piece of paper in half (this will allow you to have two of the same shape. These will be used for the cover and back of the card)
2. Decorate your ornament: classic, modern, sporty, sparkles, etc. on one side of the folded paper.
3. Cut out your shape (paper folded). Make sure you hold the folded part firmly so you end up with identical shapes.
4. Once you’ve got your two cutouts, poke a hole through both of them in the same place.
5. Use a string and go through the holes. This will be your hook to attach your ornament to a tree or elsewhere.
6. Inside your cutouts, leave a cute little message.

-Jean Lee


12/17/2009 9:43:00 AM