Easy DIY Party Bowls

Photo by Katie Shutt

Plannin' a party on a budget? Try this take on decorative serverwear by creating your very own design that fits the theme of any party.

We tried it and it turned out great. I made a peacock popcorn bowl. Everyone loved it!

What You'll Need:

First, buy a white (or any light colored) plastic bowl. I got one for a buck at the Dollar Tree.

Next, buy "Window Decal" printer paper. You can buy this at any office supply store. Go to the specialty paper aisle or ask an employee for help if you're not sure what kind to get.

Search online for an image you want to print out. I did a Google image search for "peacock clip art" and found tons of great options. Using Word, Paintbrush or Photoshop, you can also write a message in a cool font, like "Happy 13th Birthday, Kelly!" or "Congratulations, Jen!"

What You'll Do: 

Once you have the image you want to print, load the decal paper into your printer's paper dock and print the image out. Make sure you read the paper instructions to make sure the sheet goes in the right way. Let the paper dry and cut the image out, leaving a little bit of an edge around it.

Peel the backing off and stick it on the bowl. Make as many as ya want, alternating the image or keeping the same one. Fill the bowls with popcorn, chips or pretzels and leave them around the party. You're all set to serve in style!

-Katie Shutt


10/1/2009 7:00:00 AM