DIY Gifts for Dad's Day!

Your dad’s always there for ya—helping you with your homework, cheerin’ you on at games and ready to lend a helping hand. This Father’s Day, make him a homemade gift to let him know just how much you appreciate what he does. Check out these ideas to give your dad a prezzie he’ll never forget!

Pen Cup
Is your dad’s desk at work looking a little blah? Jazz up his workspace with a personalized cup to hold pens and office supplies. Plus, you can make it with materials you can find around the house.

What You’ll Need:
A cylinder-shaped tin
Photos, magazines or pictures
Mod Podge
An old paintbrush

1. Grab an empty cylinder-shaped, think bread crumb container, oatmeal container or coffee tin. Be sure to choose something sturdy and clean it before use!
2. Flip through your photo albums — or if you don’t wanna cut up your fave pics, check out your albums online and print pics out. Flip through some sports magazines (as long as you’re sure dad’s done with them) and old newspapers and clip pics you think your dad would like. Be sure to include a pic of you and Dad!
3. After you’ve snipped your fave pics, glue them to the cylinder in a collage pattern you’re happy with.
4. To secure the design, paint over everything with Mod Podge.

Remote Control Caddy
If your dad’s a total couch potato and loves tuning into his fave shows and sports on TV, stitch up a handy remote control caddy to store and organize his remotes. He’ll nix scrambling around for the remote every time he turns on the tube, and love you for it.
What You’ll Need:
Thick fabric (preferably with a print that reminds you of your dad)
Superglue or staples

1. Fold a square or rectangular piece of fabric in half (lengthwise, right sides facing each other) and line up all the important remote controls, evenly spaced.
2. Mark lines in the spaces between the remotes (where the pouch will be divided into pockets) and cut off excess fabric.
3. Move the remotes out of the way. Using a ruler, draw a line from the top to the bottom of the fabric at the divider marks.
4a. If gluing: Unfold the fabric, apply a layer of superglue along each line you made with the pencil, and fold the fabric back together in the other direction (right sides out).  Firmly apply pressure so the glue adheres to both pieces of fabric.
4b. If sewing or stapling: Unfold the fabric and refold in the other direction (right sides out).  Either sew along the marked lines, or staple the fabric together.

By: Vanessa Junkin and Brittany Berger


6/17/2010 5:18:00 PM