5 ways to get your crush's attention (inspired by our fave TV moments)

You picked out the perf outfit and your crush is...nowhere to be found. We've all been there—constantly hoping our crush is looking in our direction and looking to find that he is too busy focusing on his math HW. Not the greatest feeling ever, but if there's anything we've learned from our onscreen faves, it's that there's always some way you can get your crush's attention. Here are just a few tricks inspired by our fave TV moments...

1. Craft something for them. (Ricky and Gina from HSMTMTS)

OK, this one may be a bit bold, but this is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation. Ricky and Gina from HSMTMTS proved that a simple gift can lead to a brilliant love story. Gina crafts the cutest hat for Ricky and gives it to him at a Thanksgiving party as a sweet gesture from a friend. As their friendship grew, and they both began to realize how much they care for each other, they eventually developed feelings for each other—and let's just say, their love story has a happily ever after!

2.  Channel your feelings into a song. (Archie and Betty from Riverdale)

Archie enters his musician era and soon finds himself unable to put his guitar down. He starts to write songs about everything happening in his life, including his growing crush on Betty, the sweet and kindhearted girl next door. Like Archie, channeling your emotions in artistic expressions can help you to understand how you truly feel. And if you're feeling *really* brave, follow Archie's path and perform the song that holds the truth of your heart! It doesn't just have to be right in front of your crush, either—maybe use the song for a performance at your school's variety show.

3. Be their best friend. (Jim and Pam from The Office)

Crushin' real hard but don't know how to take it to the next level? Take notes from Jim and Pam, the friends-to-lovers blueprint. Spend time together, laugh together and be there for them always. Form that strong friendship foundation and it just may blossom into more. 

4. Bring an inside joke to life. (Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother)

On Ted and Robin's first date, they joke about how weird it is that the restaurant has a blue French horn hanging up, and Robin jokes that she'd love to have something like that above her fireplace. After Ted chickens out and fails to kiss her at the end of the night, he rushes back to the restaurant, grabs the blue French horn and brings it back to Robin. Obviously, we're not telling you to steal anything, but Ted was on to something: Make a small gesture and bring an inside joke to life so they'll always have something that reminds them of you.

5. Don't be afraid to be weird together! (Nick and Jess from New Girl)

Being your true, unfiltered self around your crush can help them see how compatible you can really be, so don't be afraid to be your weird and wacky self! Nick and Jess never fail to be themselves or hide their little quirks from each other. Couples who are weird together stay together.

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by Mina Rahmat and Grace Walker | 1/16/2024