Why you shouldn't seek revenge after a bad breakup

If you were dumped, it just makes sense that you would want to hurt your ex the way they hurt you, but fighting fire with fire only leaves *you* burned. Revenge feels good in the moment, but the negative repercussions always outweigh any positive benefits (which are, ah, none). If you *are* plotting the ultimate revenge on your ex, read on to find out why you should let the bad blood be.

You won't feel better
Revenge is a temporary fix to bottle up your feelings, and it'll cause more pain and regret than you're already feeling. Taking the easy way out isn't smart, and it can give you a bad reputation. Not to mention, piling anger onto your pain won't help you get over the breakup.

You'll regret it
One day you'll be over the relationship and you'll regret acting the way you did. They may be your ex, but they have feelings just like you.

It'll get you into trouble
Your gal's idea of egging your ex's house sounds like the best one everuntil you get caught egg-handed. If your retaliation is something you'd be ashamed to tell your parents about, it's best not to do it at all.

He still won't be your boyfriend
We know it's harsh, but listen: Your ex will see any spark of revenge as another reason why he doesn't want to be with you. 

It's not the kind of person you are
You wouldn't want to date someone who put negative energy into the world, right? Your future cutie probably doesn't either. There's a good chance you'll have to fess up your fierce revenge to them, though, so this is just saving you an awkward conversation. You're welcome.

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on someone? Do you think it's a bad idea? Let us know how you deal with breakups in the comments! 

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by Julia Bonney | 4/14/2017
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