Why dating isn't as scary as you think it is

Dating can seem like one of the scariest parts of life. It's perfectly normal for people to have fears about it, but it's honestly not as scary as it seems. While first dates can be awkward and meeting each other's parents will likely leave you with a thousand butterflies in your stomach, you reap some serious benefits when you join the dating world. Check out the list below to see the amazing reasons why dating isn't so scary!

1. You always have someone to get food with
Whether you've been planning to go to this new restaurant for months or you really just want froyo after dinner, you always have someone to go with you.  

2. You learn new things 
Sure, you may want to date someone who has some similarities to you, but the real fun is dating someone who is different. You're introduced to new sports, movies, TV shows and more. 

3. Couple costumes become your new fave
Every Halloween, you see endless couples rocking cute coordinating costumes. When you start dating, you'll finally get to join them!  

4. You meet new people
When you get in a relationship with someone, you're introduced to people you wouldn't normally meet. From their families and friends to coworkers and teammates, you will meet them all! Who knows, one of the might just become your new BFF.

5. You gain experience
The first person you start dating is probably not going to be the last person you date, and the experience is so important to the relationships you'll have later on in life. How you interact with one person will be different from another, and this will teach you valuable lessons.

 Have you ever dated someone before?  What advice would you give to someone who's nervous about dating?  Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Ray Kearin

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by Cali Drouillard | 3/28/2017