How to meet a new cutie this school year

This upcoming school year has a lot to offer you: new classes, new teachers and new responsibilities. But what about a new beau? Holding hands in the hallway with a special someone may sound *amazing,* except for one small sitch: you already know everyone at your school and none of your current classmates are dateworthy. If you’re feeling out of options for crushes, we’re here to help, chica.

Take advantage of class time.

A spankin’ new schedule gives you the perf opportunity to interact with different people in between discussions of cell division and the Constitution. It can be tempting to only chat with your besties, but try to introduce yourself to your other classmates, too. Group projects and partner activities may help you get to know your neighbor and get closer to someone you never would have even talked with before.

Check out some new clubs.

Clubs are one of the best parts of school because they bring people with common interests together. Are you acing geometry? Maybe check out math club. Super into environmentalism? Join an eco-friendly group. Love Pokémon Go? There’s probably a club that attempts to catch ‘em all! Make sure to check out any club fairs that are going on to see what your school has in store, or tag along with a friend to one of their club meetings.

Explore activities outside of school.

If you are feeling *super* stuck, take your interests off of school grounds. Join a club swim team, audition for the community theater’s fall play or sign up for a SoulCycle class. Or, maybe you're into activism—volunteer at a non-profit, food bank, soup kitchen, for a political campaign or at an animal shelter. You’ll be with a fresh crowd of passionate peeps where perhaps you'll find a new partner.

Give someone a second look

That sweetie you labeled as dorky and awkward two years ago may now be gorgeous and confident. The cutie who used to be annoying and obnoxious may have matured into a complete sweetheart. Point is, people change and so should your attitude toward them. We’re not saying you should settle, but giving people a second look may help you see someone in a new, dateworthy light.

How do you meet new cuties during the school year? Let us know in the comments!


by Morgan Ome | 8/14/2016