Get your guy a killer gift this V-Day



From the digital-loving dude to the b-ball boy, we know that every guy is different—and that makes gift giving really hard. You don't want to get him something he hates, but you can't exactly shower him with roses and chocolates, either. This V-Day, take out the guesswork by getting him the right prezzie for his personality.


  • 1_movietickets.jpg

    The movie buff

    Ditch the rom-com this Valentine’s Day and surprise your guy with tickets to a movie he’s been dying to see. This is a great way to show him you care about what he likes (and it’ll be an opportunity to spend time with him - yay!). 

    Movie tickets, $8-10,

  • 2_lights.png

    The outdoor dude

    If your guy likes to go on outdoor adventures, this easy-to-install bike light is an awesome gift. He'll love the personal thought you put into it. Next step? Ask to join him on a romantic nighttime ride.

    Bookman Light Set, $29,

  • 3_tech.png

    The tech talker

    If your guy is always on the hunt for the coolest gadget, then he'll love this ultra-sleek iPhone case. Not only does it protect his phone, but it comes with a kickstand so he can watch movies on the go (perf for impromptu Netflix dates).

    Kickstand iPhone Case, $35,

  • 4_earplugs.png

    Music man

    If your guy is always jamming to music on his phone, chances are he needs a cool new pair of headphones. Bonus: any time a love song comes on, he'll be thinking about you. 

    Happy Plugs Ear Buds, $30,

  • 6_sporty.png

    The sporty stud

    If your cutie is a sports fan (what guy isn’t?), then a custom poster is the perfect V-Day gift. A poster shows him that you know his fave team and care enough to support his crazy fandom.

    NBA poster, $7,

  • 5_wallet.png

    The guy that seems to have everything

    If your cutie doesn’t fit into any of these categories, don’t fret. Chances are the wallet he’s using right now is the same one his mom got him five years ago. Update his look with a cool new wallet that he’ll actually like.

    Baseball Stitch Wallet, $50,


by Nahal Mehrazar | 2/1/2016