10 signs it's time to just give up on your crush

One of the toughest parts about having a crush is not knowing if they feel the same way. It can be tough to decide when it’s best to move on and look at the other fish in the sea. Sometimes, though, there are definite signs you should look elsewhere. Keep reading for our ways to know if your crush just isn’t for you.

1. They pay more attention to your best friend than to you. This can be tough, since no one wants their BFF dating their crush. Even if your friend isn’t interested at all, it’s better if you move on instead of feeling like you’re competing with your best friend for attention. 

2. They're hot one day and cold the next. If you’re crush constantly has you guessing, dating them will be the same way. It’s never fair for someone to play with your emotions, so if they're making your feelings part of a game, you've gotta steer clear. 

3. They make fun of something important to you. A little teasing is fine, but if they won’t stop making fun of your love of books or your interest in fashion, ditch them. No one needs to feel bad about what they love.

4. They only talk about themselves. Snooze fest. This person may be fantastic, but if they never ask you a single question, this relationship will be a one-way street. You deserve someone who’s as interested in you as they are in themselves.

5. They only talk about other girls. Are you their go-to girl when they've got a crush? That may be a sign this person sees you as a buddy, not as a GF. Appreciate their friendship, but look for the other stuff in another place. You can even look to them when you need advice on a new crush!

6. They're always getting into trouble. Sure, bad guys and girls can be fun, but do you really want to get into trouble with your parents all the time? If they don't respect your teachers or other adults, your parents probably won’t be thrilled with you hanging out with them, and it’s never good when mom and dad don’t approve of someone you like.

7. They already have a S/O. Even if you were interested in this person before they started dating their bae, once your crush is coupled up, they're off limits. Think about how upset you would be if you knew a girl or guy was openly crushing on your sweetie. Not cool, right?

8. They've cheated in the past…or tell you they might in the future. It can be flattering if someone tells you they like you more than their current babe, but be careful. If they're keeping their eyes peeled for a better offer in this relationship, there’s nothing to say they won’t do the same if you two dated. 

9. They're pressuring you to do things you know you shouldn’t. Maybe they want you to skip your practice to see their game or they try to get you to stay out past your curfew. No matter what it is, if they expect you to break the rules for them, the juice just isn't worth the squeeze.

10. They're a bully to other people. Even if they're nice to you and great in a lot of other ways, bullies should be off limits for every girl. Sure, you might not be friends with the people they're bullying. But you've gotta be strong enough to stand up for the underdog, not laugh along with the rest.

Who are you currently crushing on? Share your bae feels in the comments.

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by Kate Geraghty | 5/17/2019