#GLgirl advice: Break the ice with your crush on the first day


Don’t let first-day jitters wreck your game. You’ve got your eyes set on that hottie, and GL readers are here to help. Check out these foolproof excuses to chat up your crush before roll call.

“I would compliment my crush on his outfit. Even though we may not be able to tell, boys feel self-conscious about their appearance, just like we do! A little confidence booster wrapped up in a compliment is sure to score brownie points.” –Sadie R. 16


“My crush and I share a huge liking of the same snacks. So, what I do (and he ended up starting to do too) is bring our favorite snacks to school and hang out eating them after school or in the hallway. Our first conversation was my asking if I could have one of his gummy worms. It's completely worth it and works! Now when we share our snacks, we feed them to each other, and we've gotten way closer. I completely advise the food convo starter. Works like a charm!” –Paige L., 15


“I'm totally clumsy, so when I ‘accidentally’ trip into my crush, it's a good excuse to strike up a convo!” –Alyssa T., 14


“I'll ask the guy about an assignment or a mutual friend. If you want to find out if he's single, try this trick. When he's with a girl, and after she leaves, go up to him and say, ‘I wanted to tell your girlfriend how cool her bag is! Do you know where it's from?’ If she's his GF he'll say, ‘I don't know,’ or ‘It's from Claire's,’ or wherever. But if they aren't dating, he'll correct you.” –Mars, 15


“I would usually ask him a question or compliment something about him like his hair. Maybe ask the time or offer him gum.” –Indira D. 13


“My crush and I are on the same sports team, so I always ask what his goals are for the season. Boys love to boast, and it helps me get to know him. I can also tell him my goals so we have a little competition going to see who can reach theirs faster!” –Abby O., 15


“Try the classic ‘Hey! My last pencil just broke. Can I borrow one?’ or ‘What did you think of the summer reading?’” –Ashlyn D.


“My icebreaker is to ask for his notes. It's the first day, and every teacher always gives a lecture on what you should expect for the year, supplies, blah blah blah. So first ask him if he caught the last bit the teacher said. A friendly face is always good to have.” –Kiana Y.


“I usually talk to my crush by asking about the homework, which always works for me. You can also try by asking when a certain day is coming up, like an event or an assignment’s due date. Then I usually extend the conversation by asking about himself, like what sports he will be playing or the classes he signed up for.” –Claire W.


“My crush and I always sit at the same lunch table. One time, I was really rocking out to my favorite song on my iPod. He got curious and asked what I was listening to. I told him and we were able to share lots about ourselves from there.” –Emma

Have you tried any of these tricks? Share in the comments below.

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by GL readers | 2/1/2016