10 awesome autumn date ideas

With school back in swing and the leaves starting to fall, we couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of autumn this year. If the chilly weather has you stuck on what to do for a fun fall date, read on to see our ten favorite date ideas… 

Go apple picking

The crisp air and the endless rows of shiny fruit—what could be better? Show the apple of your eye that you care and take him to a pick-your-own farm! The two of you will have so much fun, not to mention there are dozens of yummy fall treats you can make with the fruit of your labor afterwards.


Carve pumpkins

Ahhh, what could be more autumn than carving pumkins? Head over to the nearest pumpkin patch, or visit your local supermarket or roadside stand to find your favorite pumpkin. Let your inner-artist out as you and your cutie spend an afternoon prepping for Halloween.


Go to a haunted house

Even if you’re not into scary stuff, haunted houses are perfect for fall dates! They’re usually not very expensive, plus if you get spooked your honey will be smitten to protect you from all the monsters. It’s a win-win!


Go on a hike

The great outdoors look no better than they do during the fall. Grab your beau and maybe even your dog, and head outside! A hike will not only give the two of you breathtaking views and quality time together, but also sneak in some exercise. You’ll be happy and fit with this date idea!


Get apple cider together

Or a pumpkin spiced latte, it’s up to you! Fall drinks are absolutely delectable, plus they make us feel warm and cozy. Find a good roadside stand or coffee shop, and bunker down together in the peace and quiet.


Watch the football game

It’s football season! When you’re looking for an easy but lively fall date, catching the game is perfect. Maybe you’re lucky enough to score tickets to the game, but if not, don’t worry. Snuggle up on the couch together and cheer on your team! Whether you’re cheering with or against each other, it’ll sure be a blast.


Make pumpkin pie

If ya don’t feel like going out to get sweets, bring the sweets to you! We love pumpkin pie because there are so many variations of the easy recipe. Here’s our own recipe for something a little different: pumpkin ice cream pie!


Rake and jump in leaf piles

During autumn, we really can’t get enough of the outdoors. If you’re looking for a casual and fun way to spend an afternoon, this is the perfect solution. Plus, mom and dad will be thrilled that you’re getting some yard work done!


Go ice-skating

While you may have to wait towards the end of fall to try this date idea, it’s definitely worth it. Even if you’re not the world’s best skater, you’ll have a blast on the ice if your cutie is there to give you a hand. And if you are great on skates, you could show him a few of your elegant moves!


Curl up for a movie marathon

After a tiring week of school, we love to veg out on the couch. Make it a date by choosing movies you both love and grabbing some popcorn. It’s also a great way to introduce each other to your favorites, and an even better way to score some snuggling time. Perfect!


If you’re flying solo this season, these date ideas can easily be adapted to things you can do with your girls! So which ideas are you most excited to try out? Blog about it, babes.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016