Help! My BF didn't get me a gift

{related }I really like my BF and I thought he liked me,  but now I'm not sure. We've kissed and held hands and stuff and he calls me his GF, but he didn't get me a Christmas present. I know it could be because he can't afford it, but he didn't even give me a card! Is he just not a sappy guy or should I dump him? 

It sounds like you have a communication issue on your hands. Boys aren’t that good at expressing how they feel, so your BF probably thinks that he is showing you he likes you by kissing and holding hands. The fact that he is your BF says that he must like you at least a little, but you need to hear it, too.

The next time you talk to him in person, say something like “I like spending time with you and I’m glad to have you as a boyfriend.” There’s not really a way to outright ask him if he likes you without looking insecure, but the more you encourage verbal communication, the more likely he is to respond.

Even if your BF isn’t saying he likes you, look at the other signs he gives. Does he meet you at your locker and make an effort to see you? Maybe he didn’t get you a Christmas gift, but did he make your day special? Don’t concentrate so much on the material things, but think about how he makes you feel. If you really like him, it might be worth keeping the relationship and letting it grow.

If you can live without lovey dovey romantic words and gifts, stay with him. But if it’s a deal breaker for you, then you should break up with him. If you do stay together, though, plan a gift exchange for the next holiday—that way, you’re both happy!
What do you think, GL girls? How would you respond if your BF didn't get a holiday gift? Let us know below!  

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by Rachel Nugent | 2/1/2016