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How to create the coziest reading corner

Every bookworm needs a comfy place in their home to curl up with a good book. It's quiet, it's cozy and it's comforting, despite every twist and turn of your latest read. And if you're having trouble getting started on your TBR pile (we've been there), the perfect reading environment could be just what you need to get out of that reading slump or get through that boring book for English class (Sorry, Macbeth, we're looking at you). Keep reading for some *adorbs* book nook inspo and *all* the steps you need to make one of your own.

Pick a spot

Choose a snug corner in your bedroom, make some space beside your bookshelves or perch yourself in front of a window for excellent natural lighting. Make sure it includes cozy seating. If you're lucky enough to have a window seat, look no further—your reading nook is already halfway there. If not, you can amp up your space with some cute curtains or a canopy.

Pottery Barn Teen , $109

Canopy from Etsy, $136

Make it comfy

Now it's time to make your corner as cozy as possible. Srsly, don't hold back. We're talking pillows, blankets and more pillows. Think about it: If you're going to be spending hours here re-reading the entire Twilight series, you're gonna want the space to be super comfortable.

Bed Bath & Beyond, $31

Blanket from Etsy, $24

Bed Bath & Beyond, $15

Add lighting

There are *so* many cute options for lighting up your perfect book nook. Are you a fairy lights type of girl? They come in all kinds, from regular to star-shaped and more. Or maybe you're feeling more candles for a whimsical feel—just make sure not to catch any books on fire! Whatever your lighting style may be, we have tons of different lighting to let you read the pages.

Etsy, $24

Etsy, $17

Add book storage

You have the stories, you have the corner, but the books have to go somewhere! An essential part to any reading corner is adding storage for all your books. Shelves are a classic way to go, but there are also book crates, carts, or even organized stacks for the #aesthetic.

Joann, $30

Michaels, $15

Decorate with art

For the ultimate cozy experience, add some pretty art to the walls! It can reflect any aesthetic style you're into. Some of our faves are adding old book pages to the wall or cute fan art of your OTP characters. Whatever style you're feeling—cottagecore, minimalist, plazacore—add some design to your corner with art.

Etsy, $7

Etsy, $56

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by Ally Coy and Melanie Dowling | 3/14/2023