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The *best* winter books to read (while snuggled up with a blanket and a cup of tea!)

Incoming winter chill! 

While we *love* everything about autumn (hello, pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking and Halloween decorations!) nothing can beat the comfort of a warm blanket and a hot mug of tea while winter is storming away outside! 

Here are our favorite winter books for the cold season!

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless


What's worse than being locked in the break room with with your coworkers after being accused of stealing thousands of dollars from your workplace? Uh...not much. And oh wait, it's Christmas. Join Chloe and her coworkers as they try to clear their name—and form friendships along the way.

My True Love Gave to Me 


My True Love Gave to Me is a collection of twelve short stories (by twelve *amazing* YA authors!), celebrating seasonal holidays from Hanukkah to the Winter Solstice. If you're a holiday romance afficianado, this is the book for you!

10 Blind Dates


Sophie is going to have the worst Christmas ever. Her dreams of spending a glorious winter break with her adorable bf Griffin (away from her helicopter parents!) are shattered when Griffin breaks up with her. Instead, she spends time with her large extended family, who devise a plan to get her mind off Griffin. Over the next ten days, each of them will set up a date for Sophie. Some go well, some....not so much. This story gives a spotlight to the power of unconditional family love!

Together at Midnight


Is there anything more magical than Christmas in New York? However, Max and Kendall aren't thinking about romance. After witnessing a terrible accident they feel like they could have prevented, the two embark on a mission to perform random acts of kindness for strangers. This is the perfect heartwarming and hopeful story for the holidays.

The Chaos of Standing Still


Ryn and Xander are total strangers. Heartbroken Ryn is reeling from the death of her best friend, while Xander struggles with issues within his family. What do they have in common? They're both stranded in the Denver Airport during a blizzard...and they have the same phone case, which leads to them meeting. This story is the perfect mix of bittersweet and just plain sweet, with quirky characters, serious moments aaaaand a possible Illuminati conspiracy in the airport. As Ryn and Xander get closer, they also help each other work through their struggles. 

The Afterlife of Holly Chase


Holly Chase, a spoiled 17 year old, is visited by three spirits who show her the past, present and future that's in store for her if she doesn't shape up. Sound familiar? This *fab* retelling of A Christmas Carol has a unique twist, and will fill you with an un-Scrooge like holiday spirit.

Happy reading!


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by Elina Graham | 11/13/2020