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8 music videos we wish we could live in

Between lacrosse practice, algebra exams and BFF drama, real life can be a bit of a drag sometimes. But all of that can be cured with a li’l music. Take a peek at the videos below and you’ll wanna jump right into their ultra dancey, glitzy or totally fun scenes, no doubt about it.

“22” – Taylor Swift

Uh, what could be better than a sassy video dedicated to the best times with your girls? And really, who wouldn’t want to spend the day hanging with T-Swift?

“Gold” – Victoria Justice

If you need us, we’ll be signing up to star in a glitzy glam music video with mega babe Colton Haynes.

“Wild Heart” – The Vamps

A dance party in the desert with the hotties of The Vamps? Sounds like our kind of party!

“Best Song Ever” – One Direction

Let’s face it, all of One Direction’s music videos look like a blast. But with the UK boy’s crazy antics and cheeky attitudes in “Best Song Ever,” this video puts the rest of them to shame.

“Ready or Not” – Bridgit Mendler

What do you get when you cross a deliciously warm summer day, your best pals and a super fun scavenger hunt? A day you’ll never forget. Like, ever.

“You Sound Good to Me” – Lucy Hale

Oooh, a road trip with friends sounds completely fab right about now. We wish we could just hop through the screen and right into that convertible with Lucy and her crew.

“Ain’t it Fun” – Paramore

Really, the title of this song says it all. In this video, Paramore breaks world record after world record and we think that would be a pretty perf way to spend a weekend, don’t you?

“Happy” – Pharrell

Really, there’s no other video that makes us happier than this one. You can’t help but want to jump up and dance with Miranda Cosgrove, the Despicable Me minions and Pharrell himself in this vid.

Which one of these music videos would you step foot in if you could? Let us know in the comments below.


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by Sydney Adamson | 2/1/2016