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Up 'n' coming Hollywood hotties we'd love to be lip-locked with this V-Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, yippee! This day is all about red ‘n’ pink, yummy treats and spreading some love. But don’t sweat it if you’re swingin’ it single this Feb. 14, because we’ve lined up some of the soon-to-be-big names into our dream list of V-Day dates. Who are you currently crushing on?



Who’s your dream V-Day date, and where would the two of you go? Share your Cupid Day fantasies in the comments below.

  • 3ryanbeatty.jpg

    Ryan Beatty

    This 17-year-old California native really bust onto the scene about a year ago, and we’re predicting that he’ll be a household name by the end of 2013. With stars like Ashton Kutcher calling him “Justin Bieber 2.0,” Ryan already has quite the reputation to live up to. He started posting covers on YouTube in 2011, and after a year or so of hard work, he started catching some major views. We’re obsessed with his single, “Hey LA” (check it out HERE). Maybe he’ll cover some romantic songs and sing ‘em to us on the Day of Love?

  • 2alexludwig.jpg

    Alexander Ludwig

    OK, so he may play bad-guy Cato in the Hunger Games, but we’re going to give him a chance because he’s oh-so-cute and nothing like his HG character. Not to mention he’s got three new movies coming out this year! Hopefully he’s not too busy with all his projects to take us on a nice V-Day date. Now wouldn’t that be romantic?

  • 5tonyoller.jpg

    Tony Oller

    You may recognize this cutie from his days on the Disney Channel short, As The Bell Rings (where he starred alongside a young Demi Lovato), but now Tony Oller is on his way to bigger things. Set to release later this year, the sci-fi thriller The Purge will star Tony alongside some other soon-to-be-big names. With all that talent and cuteness, we think he’d make perf cuddle material for V-Day.

  • 1jamesandfj.jpg

    James and FJ

    These cuties from San Juan have been uploading videos to YouTube for almost four years, and we love that they’re starting to get the fame they deserve! If you’re a rocker chick, you’ll love this pair of friends who cover Top 40 tunes and turn them into rock anthems. So, boys, how about a double date with our bestie and us? With James and FJ, there’s just enough hotties to go around! Check out their YouTube page to watch all their videos.

  • 4thomasbrodiesangster.jpg

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    You probably know Thomas’ voice, but we think it’s a safe bet you don’t know what he looks like—unless you remember him from his child star days as the cute little boy in Love, Actually. Thomas plays the voice of Ferb on Phineas & Ferb, but he is also rumored to be in a hot film coming out this year, Shoplifters of the World, a quirky comedy based on true events. There’s nothing better than a British dude to treat ya right on Valentine’s Day.


by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016