Ammon and Liahona Olayan talk new music, going on tour and more

Ammon and Liahona Olayan are taking the world by storm—and we cannot get enough of the talented sibling pair. From getting their big break on American Idol, to embarking on a nationwide tour—it's safe to say Ammon and Liahona are some of the coolest siblings we've ever seen. We caught up with the Olayan's to get all the deets on their new tour, upcoming projects and more. 

Girls' Life: What are your upcoming solo singles about?

Ammon: My song "Mamacita" has Spanish and English. It's about when a guy is trying to get a girl and catch her attention but she's not giving him her time. In a way he's getting rejected—but he keeps pursuing, keeps believing and keeps going after that woman and in the end he finally gets her. 

Liahona: I am a very emotional person, so my that's what my song "So Emotional" is about. When emotions get so strong that speaking or talking about it doesn't become enough, then I come to the piano and write a song. So that is what this song is about—I'm an emotional person but I wish I wasn't, and that's the dilemma I'm having. 

Girls' Life: What are you most excited about for going on tour?

Ammon: After having our first real performance—I really loved the crowd. The crowd plays such a huge part when you perform, so I think when we do this tour I'm most excited to see the crowd and be able to interact with them and share music and see their reaction to it. 

Liahona: Our first show just happened and everybody is talking about it. It makes us even more excited because our next concert will be Janurary 22nd, and the fact that we get to see people again who love us and fans who support us makes me even more excited for the concert and the rest of the tour. 

Girls' Life: What was it like having your first concert in your hometown of Provo, Utah?

Ammon: When we planned that concert, we did everything in a month and a half so it was really busy. It's crazy because we almost sold out the whole concert in just that month and a half. Seeing all our friends, family and fans come out on such short notice and enjoy the concert motivated me to see how fun and great this opportunity is and I really loved it. 

Liahona: It's crazy to think that our concert was almost sold out in a month and a half. That just shows how dedicated our friends, family and fans are and how much belief they have in us. That motivates us to keep going and realize that we can do this. 

Girls' Life: What was the inspiration behind your song "With Or Without It"? 

Ammon: "With Or Without It" is about having those feelings of wanting to be with somebody but at the same time you don't want to. So, wanting to be with them and wanting to be without them. You see the good you have with them—but also the bad. 

Liahona: And that's why you can't live with or without it. 

Girls' Life: Any advice for aspiring young singers?

Ammon: Have fun because in the music industry, when you try to go big you lose the idea of fun and the reason why you got into it. I think this is the most important thing to remember since you're doing it because you love it. Even though there might be hard times or times where you feel like giving up—just remember to have fun, those times will pass so keep pushing on. 

Liahona: My advice is to be yourself. Don't ever copy other people's writing styles because you are never gonna get anywhere. You like people in the music industry who are unique—and those are the people who make it the farthest. When you write music, when you perform—from your style to your hair, just be yourself. 

Girls' Life: Any plans for an EP or album in the future? 

Liahona: Yes of course. We are actually doing our own albums and then an album together which will most likely be released next year—so look forward to that. 

Catch Ammon and Liahona on tour in 2022!

Image: Natalie Cass. Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity. 

by Paige Mountain | 11/15/2021