7 things to know about teenage tennis champion Emma Raducanu

At just 18 years old, Emma Raducanu went from studying for exams to slaying the game as the U.S. Open's latest champion. Now that Emma is well on her way to becoming a household name, we've rounded up seven things you *need* to know about this rising athletic superstar.

1. She calls many cities home. 

Raducanu has *four* major world cities in her IG bio—London, Toronto, Bucharest and Shenyang. Although she was born in Canada in 2002, Emma moved to England just two years later. Emma's IG bio is also representative of the places her parents have called home, as her mother is Chinese and her father is Romanian. 

2. She's making tennis history.

Emma is the first British woman to win a major championship title since 1977. Impressed by her talent and dedication, the Queen of England even wrote Emma a letter praising her for her exciting accomplishment.

3. She was *super* shy as a child.

In an interview with Vogue, Emma said that she used to be shy as a child. She believes that playing tennis taught her to be more outgoing and sure of herself. 

4. She's a self-proclaimed choco-holic.

After her win, Emma announced that she planned to celebrate with frozen yogurt, saying that her favorite flavor is "chocolate with more chocolate and some chocolate brownie." 

5. She's a star student. 

Emma took her A-level exams (think AP exams for students in the UK) earlier this year, balancing exam prep with tennis practice. She studied math and economics and earned high scores in both subjects. 

6. She's *obsessed* with all things cars.

When she isn't on the court, Emma loves cars, go-karting and Formula One racing. She's also been racing Motocross bikes since she was little—talk about a daredevil!

7. She's a fashion icon.

Emma is the newest face of iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.! She's even been spotted rocking some of their pieces at the U.S. Open and the Met Gala. 

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Slider Image via @emmaraducanu


by Samara Smukler | 9/30/2021