Everything you need to know about Sophia Hammons and her new Halloween-inspired movie

In this reboot of the first-ever Disney Channel original movie Under Wraps (airing this October), Sophia Hammons, 15, plays super determined Amy—a teen who (along with her friends) is tasked with returning an ancient mummy to his resting place before midnight on Halloween. So naturally, we had to ask her to unravel a couple mysteries of our own...

What was your first reaction to seeing the original Under Wraps?
Sophia: When I watched Amy, I was like, ‘Wow, she’s a lot. She’s really blunt.’ But she’s just focused.

So if you compared your co-stars to Halloween candy, you’d pick...
Sophia: Let's see, for Christian J. Simon, who plays Gilbert, Reese's Pieces. He’s so fun and happy all the time. And definitely Skittles for Malachi Barton, who plays Marshall—Malachi’s got such bright, cool energy.

What’s your all-time favorite Halloween costume?
I repurposed my old The Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume into Vampire Dorothy once. I added red paint blood splatters, made my face pale and got fangs. Sweet but scary!

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Images: @thesophiahammons


by Kayleigh Roberts | 10/1/2021