Jordana Bryant gives all the songwriting advice you need to get started on your dreams

We heart teen singer-songwriter Jordana Bryant, so in honor of her first EP dropping today, we *had* to get all her best songwriting advice. Keep reading for all the amazing inspo you need to follow your performing dreams this season...

On falling in love with music:

"When I was younger and I'd hear a song in the car, before the artist even started singing I'd be making up and singing my own lyrics and melodies. Then as I learned to play guitar a few years later, I fell in love with creating songs—the way you can tell a story and make it so visual that anyone can picture themselves in it." 

On turning an idea into a song:

"I start playing around with chords and melodies and then I'll add in a story that fits the music. It can be from something going on in my life, what my friends are going through or even something I've read in a book or seen in a movie, but I try to always make it personal." 

On her fave lyric in her EP: 

"Probably last first shooting star kinda wish from the song 'Last First.' We had basically finished the entire song except for this line, and we were sitting on a Zoom session trying to figure it out. As soon as we came up with the line, we knew it was perfect—it has a magical feel to it that really captures the magical love the song is about." 

On what she hopes people love about her music:

"I hope listeners love the happiness and positivity that this EP radiates. I feel like people are having a tough time and we all need some happiness right now. I hope it brings a smile to your face!" 

On her musical role models:

"Two of my biggest classic role models are Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire. I find it so inspiring how they paved the way for women in country music and how, throughout their long careers, they've stayed true to themselves and their fans. And two of my current role models are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran—I love the vivid stories they create in their songs." 

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Image: Ryan Hamblin, BrainStem Photography.

by Katherine Hammer | 5/7/2021