Ladi Rosa spills all the details behind her upcoming single "Personal Space"

16-year-old emerging Latin pop artist Ladi Rosa got started in music when she sang a song at a performing arts event in middle school that she originally only went to for extra credit. Ladi topped the Billboard breakout chart at #1 with her debut single "I Ain't No Taylor Swift".  We asked Ladi all about the details on her new fun and feel-good song; "Personal Space", her musical inspirations and relationship advice.

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Girl's Life: What was the inspiration behind "Personal Space"?

Ladi Rosa: I was inspired by how I want to be treated in a relationship. The whole song is about how in a relationship I don't need my significant other to be far away from me physically, mentally, or emotionally. I want them here, in the moment, and not anywhere else. That's how I would want my relationship to be in the future whenever it happens. 

GL: "Personal Space" is about relationships; what relationship advice would you give to your listeners? 

Ladi: Girls in any age group should know that they should be comfortable with the person they're with. Regardless of how long you've been in a relationship, you should feel comfortable and safe in that relationship. You want to be able to trust the person you're with enough to say, "yeah, you can come in my personal space, you can learn more about me." 

GL: You've said that the purpose behind your music is to empower young women, can you share more about that? 

Ladi: I know it can be really hard for young girls and women to feel beautiful in their own skin nowadays when you see models that have super slim figures and are so gorgeous. There are so many different hair types and skin tones, but many girls think they have to be the same as the next person. I really just want people who listen to my music to know that they're beautiful in their own unique way. 


Musical inspiration: Giveon. I love his tone of voice, the topics he sings about in his songs, and of course "Heartbreak Anniversary" is a really good song.

Song: "Remember That Night" by Sara Kays; you can relate to it so much. 

TV show: The Office. I've watched all the seasons like 3 or 4 times!

Wardrobe item: I usually wear a crop top and jeans, but I recently bought Lil Skies merch and I *love* the designs on the sweatpants. 

GL: How would you describe your music style? 

Ladi: I usually go for a mixture of pop and R&B. Recently I've been more into R&B. It's slower, more intimate, and I think the slow melody and the beat is where everything all comes together. 

GL: How is "Personal Space" different from "I Ain't No Taylor Swift"? 

Ladi: "Personal Space" is a bit more mature. "I Ain't No Taylor Swift" is exciting and empowering because it's about saying "I'm not this, I'm not that, I'm just myself." In "Personal Space" it's more intimate. It says: "I need you to be with me, I need you to be here, just love me for me." 

GL: What advice would you give to Girl's Life readers? 

Ladi: Be you regardless of what's happening in the moment. Even if you're super upset, say true to yourself. Do what you need to do to be happy. 

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by Abigail Adams | 5/1/2021