11 of our *fave* Olivia Rodrigo moments in honor of her upcoming debut album

Your car ride to Malibu is about to have a whole new list of jams. Oliva Rodrigo has recently announced that her debut album "SOUR" is dropping on May 21 and we couldn't be more excited. In honor of the 11 track album we've rounded up 11 of our *fave* Olivia moments.

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1. Olivia on Jimmy Fallon

Olivia made her TV debut with a gorgeous live performance of her hit single "drivers license". The stage was simple but Olivia's vocals were *incredible*. 

2. Olivia and Conan prepare for Fearless


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Olivia and Conan Gray's friendship is seriously our favorite thing on the internet right now. We didn't think anyone could be more excited for Fearless, Taylor's version than us, but the BFF's recreation of "You Belong With Me" proved us wrong. #goals. 

3. Olivia and Taylor Swift's relationship 

Anytime Taylor Swift and Olivia interact we get *major* heart eyes. Olivia is such a wonderful Swiftie we would be lying if we said we didn't shed a few tears when Taylor called Olivia and Conan her children. 

4. When Olivia heard Drivers License on the radio

Olivia's scream of excitement when she heard "drivers license" on the radio for the first time was so adorable. We can't wait to be bopping to all of Olivia's songs on the radio. 

5. The "All I Want" music video 

Our original introduction into Olivia's incredible talent, "All I Want" was our quarantine jam. We love all things HSMTMTS and any song that involves Olivia belting beautifully about relationships is our dream.  

6. When Olivia got a parking ticket

Image: @oliviarodrigo

We've all been super invested in Olivia's driving journey ever since she started singing about it in "drivers license" and her reaction to a classic driving experience was totally relatable. 

7. Deja Vu and Drivers License on the Billboard Hot 100

Two of our favorite songs topping the charts at the same time? We couldn't be happier watching Olivia's success. 

8. Her and Cardi B's *adorable* Twitter interaction

We love u too Cardi! 

9. When she made the Time Next 100 List

With only a chart-topping, record-breaking debut song and a wildly successful and popular TV show role, it was *hardly* a surprise. 

10. The iconic "drivers license" music video

Not only was this video a masterpiece, but it was also the first video of the SOUR era! 

11. And, of course, the "deja vu" video, which gave us a new, simply, perfect, aesthetic to work towards. 

Can I just say that a green dress is a surprising good thing to pair with a sledgehammer? And a song as good as "deja vu", ofc. 

What song are you looking forward to on SOUR? Tag us with your album reactions on Instagram @girlslifemag!

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by Abigail Adams and Serena Sherwood | 4/20/2021