9 reasons to love Amelie Zilber on her 19th birthday

Any day is a good day to adore Amelie Zilber. In honor of her 19th birthday on March 27—here are some of the many reasons we love her:

1. She sets herself apart on social media. 


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First and foremost, Amelie is unlike any of the other influencers her age. Instead of only using her platform to show off her physical appearance, she uses it to encourage her followers to get involved by educating them on current events and spreading her positive outlook on life with others. 

2. She's super stylish and trendy.


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Amelie is always dressed to impress. From the oversized sweater to the brown leather pants to the chunky white boots, this outfit—along with all the others—is perfection.

3. She's relatable.

Amelie is effortlessly beautiful, but feeling comfortable and confident in her own skin did not come easy. Over the past year, she's been open with followers about the struggles she faced growing up. In a YouTube video from July, Amelie reveals she's struggled with bullying and her weight when she was younger.

4. She shows what it's like to be in a healthy relationship.


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Amelie and Sway house member Blake Gray started dating in September 2020. The content they produce together demonstrates a healthy relationship and sets a standard for her followers to look for that sense of happiness when with a significant other.

5. She takes education very seriously.

It's obvious Amelie has strong opinions on educating her followers on current events, but what many people would be surprised to learn is she is actually enrolled at Georgetown University. While taking classes remotely from California, she demonstrates her drive and passion for education as she puts up with the time change, waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Could you imagine class at 5:30 a.m.?

6. She encourages self-love.


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Amelie is proof that sometimes it takes time to learn how to love yourself. And that is okay! When she was younger she faced difficulties with her weight and didn't always feel confident, but now she knows her weight does not define her and a new mindset can change everything.

7. She's determined and ambitious. 

We can tell from the early wake-up calls that Amelie is a determined self-starter. But, did you know she founded her own weekly political newsletter in 2014? Prior to blowing up on TikTok, Amelie has always been using her voice to share information through TwoMinuteTimes. She believes knowledge equals power and if that's not a reason to stan her, we don't know what else is.

8. She loves her family.

Watch Amelie bring Blake home to her dad for the first time! Her relationship with both of her parents is totally adorable and we *love* watching Blake get along with her family so well. Her mom makes plenty of cameos in other YouTube videos like one with BFF Avani.

9. She is the *perfect* role model.


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There's no doubt about it, Amelie Zilber sets an example that many of her young followers should look up to. Using your voice and being educated are two things everyone should learn at an early age. Amelie is using her platform to spread the word.

The world is a brighter place because Amelie is in it and we don't know what we would ever do without her glowing smile and positivity. Happy 19th birthday Amelie!

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by Jaclyn Kaufman | 3/27/2021