Struggling to find your own style? We reached out to a fashion expert who can help

If you look into your closet you may or may not be satisfied by your fashion choices. One of those reasons may be that your clothes simply do not reflect who you are. The process of discovering your signature style can be tasking but don't fret, Valerie Halfon, founder of Shop With Val, has the best advice on how you can refine your look!

Halfon’s journey began after deciding to help a friend who was seeking to surprise a loved one with a stylist, but her friend couldn't afford the costs to fund the service. Knowing Halfon's passion for fashion combined with her ability to find trendy inexpensive clothes, she hired Halfon to style her friend as a surprise gift. Witnessing the restored confidence of her client after receiving her styling tips brought Halfon immense joy.

“The clothing that we were able to find, gave her so much confidence and taught her how to shop for her body and the type of silhouettes and styles that were flattering on her. It brought out this wonderful side of her that was buried deep inside. After that experience and seeing how rewarding it was to help someone through shopping and finding the right clothes for them, a light bulb went off and I decided to start my business in 2010.”

Halfon’s business moved from the Big Apple to the city of Houston in 2016. In recent events, she has halted traveling for consultations due to COVID-19 and has transitioned her business to be remote. “The last few months have been challenging staying at home here in Houston and trying to find ways to continue assisting clients without being able to see them in person. I'm doing a lot of virtual styling and closet consultations right now through FaceTime and Zoom."

Halfon's ability to offer keen fashion advice has led to numerous success stories from satisfied customers and she is here to share all the gems on how you can tackle your personal style!


Be open to different styles even if it's not a trend with your peers. “There's a lot of pressure sometimes when you're younger to just follow the crowd. It's okay if you don't really love what other people are wearing. Use those years to really have fun experimenting with different brands, different stores and different styles. That's the best way that you'll be able to know what makes the most sense for you,” Halfon shares. Stay true to yourself and don’t feel bad if your latest look doesn’t conform to your friends, that’s what makes it unique!


Find inspiration from your favorite influencer

Scrolling through social media is probably a part of your daily routine. Chances are some of your inspirations stem from super-stylish influencers on your timeline. Take that inspiration from your favorite influencer—maybe its that bold patterned shirt or a plaid bucket hat, but add your spin to it. “I think it's great to use influencers' style as a goal to work towards to emulate, adapt and make their style your own,” Halfon shares.

Create a vision board

As you stumble across different inspo, keep track of it and turn it into a vision board so you create a tangible representation of what your fashion sense looks like. Once you have created the vision board, “create a checklist of what you are lacking in your closet to help you achieve that goal. An important part is making sure that you're buying the right pieces to help you move one step closer to your style goal. You want to keep yourself on track to make sure each new piece you bring into your wardrobe lines up with your vision board,” Halfon shares.

You are not married to your size

When considering articles of clothing, sizing is always important. The goal is to wear clothes that flatter your body type. Don’t let the size on the back of those tags intimidate you! “At the end of the day, no one knows what the label says inside of your clothes. No one is going to be able to look at you and know what size you are, but people do notice how your clothes fit,” Halfon shares. With different stores, your sizes will range so if you need to consider going up a size, don't hesitate. “Sizing with brands run differently and it depends on the nature of the designer. You're going to notice you won't be the same size across the board. That's natural. We need to get past the label and the tag and enjoy being in clothing that fits us well regardless of what the size says,” Halfon spills.

Step out of your comfort zone

Dabbling into different styles can be challenging, especially if you shop on your own, but you may be missing out on stellar clothing pieces by remaining in your comfort zone. Consider shopping with a plus-one so you can get a fresh perspective. “Bring a friend along, someone that you trust to give you honest advice or someone's style you admire that will encourage you to try on things that you may have gravitated towards but you wouldn't have followed through with it and given it a chance,” Halfon advises. A fresh perspective can push you out of your comfort zone and help you feel less fearful, knowing you have someone you trust guiding you. Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith! Try that patterned floral jacket you saw on Pinterest or that tie-dye romper bookmarked on your phone. “If something is making you gravitate towards a piece, you have to make it your style. You have to make it your own. It's okay to not have the same cookie-cutter look every day,” Halfon shares.

Even once you have mastered your signature look, remember that as you continue to evolve, your style will too!  “The key is knowing that even once you discover your style and you feel comfortable where you are, know that it's going to continue to change throughout your life depending on where you are in your life, your age, your lifestyle and your budget," Halfon says.

Now you have the tools to unlock self-discovery as you begin your fashion journey. The skies the limit and we cannot wait to see what pieces you put together!

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by Samantha Dorisca | 7/7/2020