5 ways to combat senioritis

It's your senior year of school, but suddenly it's difficult to concentrate, you're worried about the future and somehow time seems to pass sooo slowly...and yet sooo fast. Sounds like you have a case of senioritis! 

Whether you're prepping to graduate high school or getting ready to walk the stage at college graduation, senioritis can be rough. We have a few tips for keeping your eye on that diploma and finishing off your school experience strong!

Listen to yourself

While senioritis can be a fun term to joke about with your friends, it also can be a very real indicator of approaching burnout in your studies. Maybe you've been feeling overwhelmed between the track team, homework and figuring out your future. Take a breather and listen to your mind saying it needs a break! Plan a self-care weekend or make a senior memory box with your friends, but make sure you take the time to let yourself rest. 

Make short, daily goals

The list of things to do pre-graduation can pile up super quickly. Submitting college applications or job applications, figuring out where you'll want to live—it can get overwhelming! Making a short list of achievable goals each day will help you move past the future-induced anxiety. Just make sure they're actually achievable, or you'll be left feeling worse. Think "write my intro paragraph" goals versus "start my English essay" goals—the first one has a much clearer and more defined objective. Whether you set up a planner or type a list on your computer, finding the motivation for those small goals will come much easier than looking at the big picture. 

Find your study buddies

Studying with a friend can totally make it easier to concentrate (as long as you actually get work done instead of talking, ofc). Grab a friend from your class and head to the library to work together to conquer that lack of study motivation. Even better, you'll have someone to bounce ideas off of or ask questions if you need to. 

Remind yourself of what you *can* control

It can be easy to feel out of control in senior year, like everything is up in the air, and you don't know what will happen next. While stressing over your future is totally normal, you can take some steps to make yourself feel more in control again. Sprucing up your resume will help you feel more prepared for later, along with making lists or vision boards of your ideal life, goals and experiences. It can help you narrow down your options while also allowing you control over where you're looking and how you're preparing now.

Try new experiences 

You might feel too busy to try new experiences, but when are you ever going to be in this time again? During these last few months of senior year, try to branch out of your comfort zone—something might surprise you! Whether it's senior sunrise at your high school, yoga on the quad or showing up to that book club meeting, take this time to get to know yourself better and find new interests.

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by Ally Coy | 3/24/2023