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How you can make a difference this summer

Summer is half over but it's not too late to do something good before you head back to school. While relaxing by the pool or binging on Netflix is definitely fun, it's even *more* fun to help your community (seriously—studies show that volunteering increases your happiness). To help boost your mood and others, here are five ways you can give back this month.

Keep it in the family.
Start off small by helping family members—your parents, sibs and grandparents need help, too. By taking even just one task off their hands will help reduce their stress and increase your happiness keeping those positive vibes in the fam.

Visit a local senior center.
Older folks in nursing homes would love to meet you especially when their family is either not around anymore or live far away. They don't get to see many people outside of the home so playing a game of cards or just letting them reminisce about their past will put a smile on their face *and* yours.

Help out at an urban farm.
If being outdoors is your thing, finding an urban farm to help at is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. An urban farm produces fresh vegetables and fruit in cities that are "food deserts", increasing access to locally grown food in areas that people can not afford healthy food or where the closest grocery store is miles away.

Raise money to give to a local charity of your choice.
Collecting funds for a cause you're passionate about is easier than ever—sell old gently-used clothes, make cool DIYs, host a summer car wash or a “dog wash” with your besties. Just make sure you ask your parents' permission (and help) first.

Find a service project.

There are endless service project you can help. One example where you get to help kids is Sole Hope which allows you to host a shoe cutting party with your friends. By using old jeans you can create shoe material which is then used to create shoes for children in Uganda and protect them from sand fleas and infection. You can find other service projects here.

Have you volunteered before? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below! 

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by Khadean Coombs | 7/23/2017