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How to make money and *actually* save it this summer

It’s finally break...but your mom keeps nagging you about what you’ll be doing all summer to occupy your time. Yes, spending some relaxing time by the pool with friends is a near-perfect way to spend your days, but it gets boring if you do it literally *every* day. Instead, you should try to find ways to make some extra moolah. Follow our cash-stashing secrets below for making (and, yes, saving!) this month.

Tips for making money

Sometimes it’s hard committing to a real job, especially when you have to depend on the parents to drive you around. Rather, you could… 

• Ask your mom if she needs help around the house. Whether the dishes need to be done, or she wants you to vacuum before friends comes over, those $5 can really add up (if you save it!). 

• Create a babysitter flyer and put it in your neighbors’ mailbox. Who doesn’t love hanging out with cute babies and making cash? 

• Offer your help to family friends when you see them. Dogs can’t walk themselves, after all. 

• Start up a business with a friend. Whatever your interest, there’s a market for everything. Just follow your passion and the rest will come. 

You might start making bank, but don’t blow it all… 

Tips for saving money

• Set a weekly saving goals. Decide how much you wish to save each week and try your very best to meet that goal. 

• Make your own coffee in the AM. Instead of spending $5 on each cup of Starbs, make it yourself and watch the extra cash roll in. 

• Find a cute jar (or piggy bank) and collect spare change. It really adds up over time, trust. 

Create your fave products rather than buying them.

• Sell your old clothes. Whether they’re getting too small or are just *totally* out of style, you can find consignment shops near you to get a couple bucks for your used things. 

• Get creative with gifts. Go for DIYs instead of buying gifts this season—you’ll save money *and* make your friends happy. 

How do you make extra money in the summer? Have tips for saving? Tell us below! 

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 6/21/2017