The holiday traditions you have to start with your besties


Starting holiday traditions with your besties is the *perf* way to get *hype* for the holiday season. Fun traditions give friends something to look forward to every year! We've rounded up some sweet traditions for six holidays, so read on and gather your besties!

New Year's Viewing Party


To pull off the most *epic* New Years' viewing party have everyone go through their phones and pick all your *fave* pics and vids from the year. They can be funny, embarrassing, emotional and more! This is the perfect time to do a *deep* stalk of your snap memories. Then you can compile them all into one slideshow and add your fave songs when needed. Invite your besties for a viewing party, this also works on zoom! This tradition is *sure* to bring on some giggles.

Ugly Sweater Party


Ugly Sweater parties are hilarious and super easy to pull off. Rummage through your hand-me-downs and find the *silliest* holiday sweater you own. Even better, you can be comfy all night hanging with your besties. Bonus points for making your own outrageous sweater, the uglier the sweater, the more holiday spirit!

Galentine's Day


Spend your Valentine's day with your best gal friends and you won't regret it. Everyone can wear pink and red and bring delicious treats. To make it even *more* special, you can write cute letters to each other saying what you love most about them. This day is about appreciating friendship and love so get excited about memories you can cherish forever each year.



Gather your closest friends for a good old Thanksgiving dinner, but with a twist aka Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a great way to bond with your besties on a day that is dedicated to sharing how thankful you are with the people you love the most. Assign everyone a classic thanksgiving dish to cook and bring to dinner. Before you stuff your tums with a filling Thanksgiving meal, a great way to make this day special is by adding in a photoshoot wearing your cutest holiday sweaters!

Cyber Monday shopping spree


Cyber Monday is one of the best ways to close out the Thanksgiving holiday. What better way to celebrate than to have an annual Cyber Monday shopping spree with your besties? Whether it's on Zoom or in person, shopping for the trendiest *lewks* while finding the *best* deals with all your friends is a tradition that will never get old. 

Secret Santa


Secret Santa is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season year after year. Not only does every person end up getting a gift, but it's a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. If you don't already know the rules to secret Santa, everyone picks a name out of a hat, and whoever you're assigned to, you have to get a gift for. The only catch is that you can't tell anyone who your secret Santa is so shhhh!

Which tradition are you going to start with your besties? Let us know @GirlsLifemag!



by Hayley Miller and Lily Baker | 11/10/2020