How to get along with your dad every day (not just on Father's Day)

Have you been arguing with your dad lately over silly stuff? Does he still think of you as his little girl? Growing up is tough on both your parents *and* you because everyone is trying to adjust to your new self. And it's especially hard when your dad may not understand the changes that you’re going through like your mom does. Here are a few tips to keep your relationship with your dad as strong as possible all year round.

Before you think your dad is clueless on certain situations, hear him out. There are times when your mom seems like the better candidate for giving you insight on problems but your dad is a great resource, too. Hearing things from a man’s perspective can give you a chance to look at problems from a different angle and it's a great way for him to feel needed by you.

Be open.
Of course, your dad isn’t right on everything. However, if you choose to be open and not shut him down in every conversation, this could help your relationship with him and you’ll both start to appreciate each other more. He'll also be happier because you've decided to include him in discussions.

Schedule quality time.
OK, so you might not have too much in common and you might prefer hanging out with your besties, but it's important to carve out some time with your pops. Start a monthly movie night tradition or even just breakfast together one morning a week. Bonus points if you do something your dad wants to! 

Be respectful.
As you get older, you still have to respect your parents. This includes answering his questions about your whereabouts and respecting his opinions on boys that you may even disagree with. This will show that you're paying attention to what he’s saying and that it’s not going in “one ear and out the other.” He’ll feel like he can trust you and give you the freedom that you need. Plus he might worry just a little bit less about you.

Have any more tips on getting along with your dad? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Nicole Eggleston | 6/18/2017
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