The 8 most important things to thank your parents for after graduation


Graduating is a *huge* milestone. The transition from childhood to adulthood is a scary thought. Not only are you about to set out on your own, but you won’t have mom and dad to back you up. When graduation day rolls around, you need to remember that you wouldn’t be anywhere without your parents. Remind your parents how much you appreciate all they do by thanking them for the following.

Every lunch they packed.
Even though it might not have been their favorite part of their morning routine and might have made them late for work sometimes, your parents packed your lunch every day. Thank them for every brown paper bag, each sandwich with the crust cut off, each little plastic baggie, every baby carrot and every embarrassing napkin note.

Every place they drove you.
You might not have even realized it, but up until a certain point in your life, your parents had to go everywhere with you whether they wanted to or not. Thank them for schlepping you to school, practice, rehearsal, games, friends’ houses and dances.

Everything you forgot at home that they brought you.
Let’s face it, sometimes mom and dad’s tough love seemed pretty harsh, but when they cracked and brought you what you forgot at home it was the best. Thank them for all the times they saved the day and brought you your homework, history project, lunchbox, trumpet, or gym shoes.

Every article of clothing they washed.
Hopefully, you never went to school naked. Your parents scrubbed out stains, ironed out wrinkles, hand-washed your favorite shirts so they wouldn’t shrink, folded endless loads and put away piles of your clean clothes. Thank them for every clean shirt, pair of pants, jersey, dress and pair of underwear you ever wore.

Every game or recital they attended.
Whether you were the most uncoordinated on the court or the most tone-deaf in the choir, there were your parents clapping proudly in the front row. They didn’t care if you won your game or if you had a solo in the concert, they were there because they wanted to support you. Thank them for every standing ovation, bouquet and embarrassing cheer.

Every dollar they spent.
School was hard for you, but it was also hard on your parents’ wallet. Whether they were paying for tutors, clothes, school supplies or school itself, they went to work everyday to give you an education. Thank them for every penny, dime and dollar of their hard-earned money they ever spent on you.

Every embarrassing thing they ever did.
Although it seems counter productive to stop your parents from embarrassing you by thanking them for it, but without all those awkward moments you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Thank them for every time they introduced themselves to your crush, shouted your name across the grocery store and told someone you still sleep with your baby blanket.

The unconditional love and support.
Most importantly, thank your parents for every time they helped you with your homework, baked for your bake sale, said “I love you” over the phone, gave you advice, made you dinner and hugged you when you cried. Thank them because you’d be nowhere without their unwavering love and support.

What have your parents done that you're *super* thankful for? 

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by Erin Farrugia | 5/30/2017
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