Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I've got the middle school jitters"

Dear Carol,
I am 12 and just started middle school this year. I think I am pretty, but I don't know if boys think so. I can be very insecure. I just don't know if I have enough confidence. I look at the other girls in my grade and they are getting all the boys and are blooming!
–Middle School Jitters

Dear Middle School Jitters,
Confidence is cumulative; no one is born self-assured and other girls feel insecure at times, too. As for blooming, you are all blooming! So instead of thinking "Am I pretty?" tell yourself, "I am pretty" as well as "I am a good person" and "I am a good student." As you work on developing your social skills, trying new things, and discovering your strengths, you will get more comfortable in your own skin. It will become easier to say hi to others and to think about how the people around you are feeling rather than getting so caught up in how you are feeling.

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by Dear Carol | 10/12/2017
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