Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I get over the boy who broke my heart?"

Dear Carol,
My first boyfriend broke up with me three months ago. I promised myself that I would not think about him and that I would get over it as soon as possible. That went well for a couple weeks. Recently, I've been thinking about him a lot more, and I might still like him. It's hard to think about someone who made you so happy but who you don't have anymore. I'm sure it's normal to feel this way, but does it have to be so hard?

Dear Lovestruck,
It is normal and it is hard and it hurts, but I swear you will find someone else who will make you happy. Most first romances don't go the distance—nor should they. You are still discovering who you are, and you'll become better and better at finding a guy who is right for you and who gets you and appreciates you. Keep becoming your best self and keep your standards high. If I told you to smile at two new guys this week, which ones would they be? Smile at them. This school year, can you find volunteer work, get a job or join an after school activity? Reading books is also a great way to enter other worlds and gain new perspectives. 

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by Carol Weston | 8/30/2017
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